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SRC 2024

SRC 2024

Our Values

We support the development of a new generation of women leaders who, by virtue of their education and service, will lead the charge to transform themselves, their communities, and the larger world around them. This goal adheres to the Academy’s principles of Ubuntu, which encompass the ideals of humanity, compassion and service to others. The spirit of Ubuntu permeates the Academy and is central to the way in which students think, speak, act and interact with others. We bring the principles of Ubuntu to life with a focus on four core values:



Respect for the inherent dignity of every individual is a fundamental tenet of the Academy’s teachings. This respect is manifested through an acceptance of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and ideas represented by the Academy’s community of students, staff and friends.



Honour is the foundation upon which students’ thoughts, actions and interactions are based. Students undertake their actions guided by a sense of trust, integrity and responsibility for the decisions that they make.



Students are expected to develop a life long commitment to the service of others. This commitment is actively nurtured at the Academy through students’ engagement in service projects that aim to improve the lives and circumstances of individuals and communities.



Students are expected to demonstrate compassion for the less privileged, the vulnerable and others in need. This sense of compassion is made active through service projects and other activities that students undertake to offer assistance and support to their fellow human beings whenever possible. These values underpin our expectations for student conduct. Disciplined and responsible behaviour, coupled with an understanding of and respect for the rights of other students is essential for the development of harmonious relationships in the Academy.



Students are expected to be answerable for that which is in their control and are expected to perform duties and tasks assigned to them to the best of their ability. Students are further encouraged to collectively take responsibility for their community and assist each other in achieving success.



Students have the obligation to account for their activities, accept responsibility for them and report on them. They are expected to be liable for their own actions and to accept the consequences as a result of transgressions.



Students are expected to have an incredible amount of grit in order to survive OWLAG. Students are further encouraged to triumph over their fear of failure and see every shortcoming as an opportunity to grow.



Gratitude is the foundation upon which abundance is built. Thus, OWLAG girls are encouraged to be optimistic about their lives in order to create an abundance within them.

SRC Mentors

Ms Managa Pillay

Grade Chairpersons

Mr Thomas Tervit.

Senior History Teacher

Mrs Lettie Tervit

English  Teacher

The SRC Executive Committee coordinates the activities of the SRC as a whole. They drive the vision and mission of the SRC. Their responsibilities include:

  • Representing the student body in an official capacity;
  • Communicating information between students and staff in both directions;
  • Preparing, submitting and communicating proposals to the leadership and staff of the school;
  • Meeting regularly with the SRC to ensure the smooth running of the SRC;
  • Meeting with the entire SRC to ensure that different committees are aware of each other’s activities and facilitating support amongst the committees;
  • Using meetings to encourage collaboration amongst the different grades to foster a culture of sisterhood; and
  • Serving on the OWLAG Leadership team.

We are dedicated to promoting a sense of individuality by creating opportunities that allow each learner to shine in her own way. This will be done by utilising the human resources we have at the academy, i.e. the various talents the students have. This will instil a greater sense of self-leadership, and we hope it will encourage the students to have confidence in their abilities.

As the 2023 Executive SRC, our purpose is to represent and promote a culture of excellence within the OWLAG community through self-leadership, self-discipline and self-empowerment. We aim to play a part in building a creative school climate by building positive relationships resulting in high academic and social achievement for all students. We ultimately seek to reinforce and emphasise existing structures within the academy that encourage self-leadership, all in an effort to help OWLAG girls navigate their place in the local and global community.

Denisha Christians


Dimakatso Serite

Deputy President

Liyema Jacob

Executive Secretary

Keorapetse Modisana

Executive Residence Represantative

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SRC Executive

The Grade Chairpersons form part of the Extended Executive Committee of the SRC, where they represent the interest of the students in their grades at SRC meetings. Their responsibilities also include:

  • Ensuring that the decisions made at SRC meetings are communicated to their respective grades; and
  • Liaising with the Grade Coordinators regularly to ensure effective communication between the students of their grade and staff.

SRC Chairpersons

Aniphi Magwentshu 

Grade 12 Chairperson

Lerato Ramakgolo

Grade 11 Chairperson

Unathi Zuba

Grade 10 Chairperson

Oratilwe Nkosi

Grade 9 Chairperson

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SRC Executives
& the Grade 12 Chairperson

The House Committee is responsible for promoting the spirit and the participation of all students in all activities organised in the different Houses. They are expected to support all committees by ensuring that their House participates in all House competitions. Support ranges from activities organised by the Academic and Library Committees to cultural and sporting activities. These activities include quizzes, readathons, house plays and various sporting events.

The House Committee is also part of the Extended Executive Committee and, therefore, has this committee’s responsibilities.j

  • Ensuring that the decisions made at SRC meetings are communicated to their respective grades; and
  • Liaising with the Grade Coordinators regularly to ensure effective communication between the students of their grade and staff.

SRC Chairpersons

Kgomomtso Dibakwane

Izindlovu House Captain

Nozibele Mtayise

Ditshukudu House Captain

Sibongile Tlhabanelo

Amabhubesi House Captain

Tina Mngunculu

Mangau House Captain

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House Committe

SRC Committees


Inner Circle: Extended Executive SRC


Outer Circle: SRC Committees

Scholarship Application Statement

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls strives to provide a nurturing educational environment for academically gifted girls who come from impoverished backgrounds.

In an effort to preserve the Academy’s mission by awarding scholarships to deserving learners from impoverished communities, the Academy welcomes the appointment of AFRIZAN PEOPLE INTELLIGENCE to provide learner recruitment services for the Academy’s 2023/24 intakes.

With over 30 years of experience in recruitment, Afrizan is able to deliver a consistent and specialised approach towards learner recruitment.

Prospective applicants must direct all admission queries to to find out more about 2023/24 applications.

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