Library outside

The Library is the

Heart & Soul Of Our School

The Library is the heart and soul of our school.

The Library is the centre of our school, both literally and figuratively. So it’s no coincidence that you can’t walk the Street of Learning without seeing it; we all know how much Ms Winfrey loves books. Hand-carved by local woodworkers, the shelves hold over 12 000 books.

To help fill the Library, Ms Winfrey asked each person who was invited to the Opening Ceremony to bring the book that meant the most to them. Each of these books contains a personalised message from its original owner and is placed in the Living Library area – right in the front of the Library where everybody can enjoy them.

“Centre for reading, learning and innovation”

The OWLAG library is an active and welcoming space designed for 21st-century learning. It is used by the entire community. At the heart of the school, the Library contains an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books from a wide range of genres. A large number of digital resources grace the ‘shelves. 

The OWLAG library’s mission is to inspire students and staff to be lifelong independent, creative and effective readers, users and creators of information in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Scholarship Application Statement

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls strives to provide a nurturing educational environment for academically gifted girls who come from impoverished backgrounds.

In an effort to preserve the Academy’s mission by awarding scholarships to deserving learners from impoverished communities, the Academy welcomes the appointment of AFRIZAN PEOPLE INTELLIGENCE to provide learner recruitment services for the Academy’s 2023/24 intakes.

With over 30 years of experience in recruitment, Afrizan is able to deliver a consistent and specialised approach towards learner recruitment.

Prospective applicants must direct all admission queries to to find out more about 2023/24 applications.

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